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Established in 2015 Beauty Hideaway is a small, friendly beauty salon that is located in the beautiful market town of Petersfield.

At Beauty Hideaway we are able to offer a wide range of beauty treatments, supported by quality beauty products / equipment supplied by CACI International, Guinot, Jessica, Brow By Mii and St Tropez

Our fully qualified beauty technicians are dedicated to providing our clients with a high level of care and attention, and we pride ourselves on the reputation we are developing within the local community for the professional beauty service we provide.

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Ameson Mesopeels

Ameson Mesopeel Is A Professional Chemical Peeling System For Skin's Renwel, Brightness And Softness. This System Is Based On Organic Acids And Consists Of 4 Stages: Preparation, Peeling, Neutralising And Regeneration. 

Ameson Mesopeel Is Perfect To Have On It's Own Or As Part Of The Dermapen Treatment To Visibly Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Uneven Pigment, Blackheads, Chronic Dryness And Acne Breakouts.

There Are A Variety Of Mesopeels Available To Meet The Needs Of Every Client And Target A Variety Of Skin Types And Problems 

This Is The Perfect Quick Fix!!

Ameson Mesotech

Hi- Tech Mesotherapy Products With A Wide Range Of Professional Sloutions For Targeted And Personalised Skincare.

Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin C

Biomimetic Peptides

Biogenic Caffeine

Maximum Safety And Effeciency In Anti-Ageing, Regeneration, Whitening, Slimming And Cellulite Treatment.

Applied To The Skin Using Dermapen 

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The Cryopen Uses Disposable Cartridges Of Liquefied N2O To Deliver Quick, Effective Cryotherapy Treatments To Benign Skin Lesions. The N2O Destroys The Skin's Tissue By Freezing The Intercellular Fluid Which Forms Ice Shards And Crystals That Rupture The Cells Membranes, Destroying The Cells. Because It Delivers N2O Directly Onto The Lesion And Not The Healthy Surrounding Tissue, It Can Safely Treat Lesions On The Face And Around Delicate Eye Area. With A Penetration Rate Of 1MM Per 5 Seconds And The Ability To Penetrate To A Depth Of 5MM, The Pen Provides Fast And Effective Treatments. 

Areas That Can Be Treated

o Skin Tags

o Warts

o Age Spots

o Sun Spots

o Liver Spots

o Verruca's

For More Info Please Don't Hesitate To Contact Us On 01730265485 /



Beauty Hideaway Would Like To Welcome CJA Aesthetics To The Salon

CJA Aesthetics clinics offer some of the best non-invasive anti-ageing treatments for men and women in Hampshire. Treatments include PDO thread lifts, dermal fillers, Botox anti-wrinkle injections, PRP vampire facials, microneedling, exoliating facial peels and fat dissolving injections.

Our sister clinic CJA Slim is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and offers a medically-led weight loss program.

The clinics are headed by Dr Chris Airey, a fully qualified and registered doctor with the GMC (General Medical Council). He has extensive experience in non-surgical aesthetic treatments and is an acclaimed medical physician.

Begin your journey to becoming a fresher, more youthful you by contacting CJA Aesthetics today for a free and friendly consultation.

Clinics Will Be Run Every Two Weeks So Don’t Hesitate To Get In Contact For More Information Contact Dr Chris On 07500722925

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